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The City of DeKalb has released its Draft 10-Year Strategic Plan* and invites all community members to review and provide input.

The draft plan, which was developed by the City with NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies (CGS), was presented Monday, November 23 to the City Council.

Comments and suggestions will be accepted through Monday, December 7 and should be sent directly to Diana Robinson at CGS (drobinson@niu.edu).

The plan combines input gathered at community meetings hosted throughout DeKalband facilitated by CGS. More than 40 group discussions were held to guide the visioning process.

Staff, the City Council and CGS worked to incorporate the initial public comments and input into a document that includes visions, goals, strategies and actions.  If adopted by City Council, the plan will guide the City’s activities and initiatives for the next decade.

Questions about the plan document or the process may be directed to CGS (drobinson@niu.edu) or the DeKalb City Manager’s Office (815-748-2090).

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