Sycamore’s budget for the coming fiscal year will be balanced, in spite of some last-minute tweaking.

The City Council voted Monday night in favor of the 2015 spending plan, which will see $14.1 million dollars in expenditures through the General Fund…and a slightly larger $14.1 million in anticipated revenues.

The largest change was the addition of a second School Resource Officer for the Sycamore Police Department; this officer will be based at Sycamore Middle School, and is part of an additional $60,000 to the budget.  That will be reflected in the revised budget, to be issued in the fall.

Mayor Ken Mundy says the key to the spending plan is its flexibility…and the willingness of city employees to remain flexible throughout the year.

The Council also approved the first round of street maintenance projects for the coming year; Russet Lane, Brookhill Lane, Ironwood Drive, Woodgate Drive and Oakland Drive will be the first to get maintenance work as part of this year’s round of repairs.  All work will be covered by monies from the motor fuel tax.

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