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Northern Illinois University is prepping for the return of its student body; up to 4-thousand students are scheduled to arrive on campus today, to move into the residence halls and begin the fall semester.

To clear the way, NIU banned overnight parking in all lots on the west campus, as well as Lot 4 east of Gilbert Hall and Lot D west of Neptune.  Vehicles carrying the arriving students will enter by way of the Convocation Center parking lots, and be directed to the appropriate area for unloading.

DeKalb Police are also enforcing overnight parking bans on several streets near the campus; no parking is allowed between 2 and 6 a.m. on Varsity Boulevard, Regent Drive, Eco Park Drive, Fotis Drive, Aspen Court, Spiros Court and Pappas Drive.  Those bans will be strictly enforced all weekend.

Local drivers are being advised to avoid the west side of town today; it will be busy during the day with arriving traffic, and into the evening with the welcome party at the Convocation Center.

There will also be activities throughout the weekend and coming week, as part of the university’s Welcome Days celebration.

P.J. Harrigan



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