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Brown's County Market freed by Sycamore to convert into self-storage


Re-zoning matters were the order of the evening for the Sycamore City Council on Monday night – including a proposal which would allow the conversion of a now-closed food store into an indoor storage facility.

The City Council voted to allow the old Brown’s County Market to be converted into a climate-controlled storage building; it’s currently zoned as C-2, a classification for the downtown business district…and the change will make storage an acceptable usage for that classification.

This change could permit other vacant buildings to be converted into storage centers; but City Manager Brian Gregory says the city wanted to set a minimum size of 10,000 square feet, to ensure that property owners don’t try to convert every spare nook and cranny of their buildings into rentable storage:

Franklin Investments also wants to convert the former Resource Bank branch on the site into a coffee shop; Family Dollar would continue to hold down the other end of the complex.

The city also voted in favor of rezoning the Sycamore History Museum property on the Engh Farm from C-1 to C-4; the latter is a mixed use designation, and would allow the museum to build a new complex on the property.

The museum recently joined forces with the Joiner History Room and several other history organizations in the county to form the DeKalb County History Center; this new designation would allow the construction of new space to hold and display historic artifacts.

P.J. Harrigan



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