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Three men have been charged with a holdup at a DeKalb cell phone store – which prompted a search of the immediate area, and ended with the arrest of one suspect near Kishwaukee Hospital.

DeKalb Police say they received a 911 call around 3:30, about a robbery in progress at the T-Mobile store at 2587 Sycamore Road.  Witnesses say the trio went in armed with handguns; they told employees to put phones and merchandise into garbage bags, and they also took money before fleeing out the back door.

Police saw them running out the back, and chased them northward; two were captured immediately, and the third was found about 40 minutes later in the hospital parking lot.

22-year-old Paul Grissom and 26-year-old Tyren Windell of Chicago, along with 26-year-old K’ron Price of Country Club Hills, are all charged with armed robbery.  DeKalb Police say they recovered the garbage bags, the money and two loaded handguns.

Police were assisted by officers from the Sycamore and NIU Police, and deputies from the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

P.J. Harrigan



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