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The Nippon Sharyo rail car plant in Rochelle has received two new complaints from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

WREX-TV reports that one complaint stems from a January 20th incident in which an employee reportedly had part of his body amputated; that investigation was closed on January 29th, but no details have been given on what body part was cut off or whether any codes were violated in the accident.

The other complaint is based on an incident happening February 6th; the agency has not provided any details in that case, but says it is still open.

The Japanese-owned rail company received 11 other complaints last October for a variety of reported offenses; citations were issued in 10 instances, and OSHA says it’s continuing to investigate some of the lesser incidents to see if they’re on the decline.

Nippon Sharyo received a number of tax breaks from the state, to entice it to open in Illinois; it recently built its 1,000th rail car.

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