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One of the relief organizations which played a part in Fairdale’s post-tornado recovery had members come out en masse Wednesday night, as DeKalb County thanked them and others for the help they gave.

Team Rubicon is a disaster relief organization comprised of veterans; it offers vets who have returned to civilian life an opportunity to use the skills they learned in the service, to help cope with the challenges posed during disaster recovery.

About a dozen Team Rubicon members were at the DeKalb County Government Center before Wednesday’s County Board meeting, for a reception held in honor of the various disaster relief volunteers who helped following the April 9th tornado.

While Team Rubicon members are trained in the physical aspects of disaster relief, Michael Geary from Wauconda says their management skills and ability to cope with stress are equally valuable when a team is out in the field.

Team Rubicon’s organizers say vets returning to the civilian world may find themselves unfocused, especially if they’ve served in combat; giving them the opportunity to use their skills in disaster relief often gives these vets a new purpose for their lives.


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