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Illinois’ Governor is touring the state encouraging voters to contact their lawmakers about Right-to-Work zones.

Governor Bruce Rauner says he isn’t advocating for a statewide Right-to-Work law, but says it’s up to local voters to put the pressure on the legislature to allow for local choice when it comes to issues like forced unionization, project labor agreements and prevailing wage.

In Fulton County Wednesday Rauner said he’s heard a lot of positive feedback because people know Illinois needs to be competitive, but he says there are some naysayers.
The Governor says if a locality does ultimately become Right-to-Work he will actively visit other states and promote the Right-to-Work status to businesses in an effort to relocate to Illinois.

Rauner says it will be a difficult battle to get lawmakers on board with a local Right-to-Work initiative, but he says with enough pressure from voters there could be legislation passed to allow counties and municipalities to pass so-called Right-to-Work zones.






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