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Dist. 428 Board looking for ways to use diversity survey info


A long and sometimes-intense debate over the DeKalb School District’s diversity plan, showed that there’s more work to be done…on what to do with the information the district has available, and what direction the District should go in.

Members spent much of Tuesday night’s meeting discussing the diversity survey undertaken on behalf of District 428; this is part of an effort to address racial divisions which have grown over the years, and make the district’s schools – especially DeKalb High School – safer and more inclusive.

But members were at odds over what the data means, and how to use it all; it was pointed out that a similar survey was taken in 2005 – and nothing substantial was done with the information.

Board President Victoria Newport says this time around, the Board has to ensure that tangible progress is made on behalf of the students and the social atmosphere within their schools.

In other action, the Board authorized a call for bids on a new HVAC system at Lincoln Elementary School; it’s the only District 428 building still without air conditioning, a problem which last month forced the cancellation or shortening of several school days due to unseasonably warm temperatures.

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