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TV meteorologist behind The Weather Channel dies


A broadcaster who co-founded The Weather Channel but later drew anger from people for his open distrust of climate change has died in Las Vegas. John Coleman was 83.

Coleman was the original meteorologist on ABC's "Good Morning America" during a six-decade broadcasting career. His wife says he died Saturday night at home but hasn't revealed the cause of his death.

The Texas native got his first TV job while still a student at the University of Illinois. He worked at several local stations in the Midwest before joining "GMA" when it launched in 1975. He simultaneously served as the meteorologist on WLS-TV in Chicago.

He served as CEO of The Weather Channel for about a year after helping launch it in 1981.

Coleman went on to join KUSI-TV in San Diego, where he spent 20 years as weatherman for its morning show before retiring in 2014. He appeared on cable news outlets to voice his doubts about climate change.

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