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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


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MON-09/15/14  It's one of the most ICONIC SCENES in movie history...MARILYN MONROE astride the subway grate, her skirt flying up in the air, and a beautiful smile on her face...that scene was shot today in 1954, a part of what classic motion picture ?? It was the classic romp...THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH...oh for a Tom Ewell !!!                     


One of my favorite TV shows, FRASIER, debuted in 1993. Spun off from the multi EMMY NOMINATED "Cheers"..."Frasier went on, of course, to win it's share. But...did you know that "Frasier" the character was Emmy nominated 3 TIMES FOR 3 DIFFERENT SERIES...CHEERS, FRASIER, AND ????

Dr. Frasier Crane also copped an Emmy nomination on....WINGS !!!!


It's U.S.CONSTITUTION DAY today...ratified and signed in1787, it supplanted the document in place at the time which provided governance for the fledgling nation...which was ???
That would be THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, put in place in 1781 !!!


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