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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


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MON-09/29/14 Today, a tragic series of events in the Chicagoland area created panic and a nationwide recall of this product...one of the largest of it's kind in history that forever changed product packaging in this country...name it ??

It was TYLENOL...and the murder cases (7) remain unsolved I believe in 1982...



Robin Williams' "MORK" debuted on what classic 70's TV series ??

He was runnin' with THE FONZ, RICHIE, MRS. C and all the rest on HAPPY DAYS !!
WED-9/24/14 The Fall brings BLOCKBUSTER TV PREMIERES, in this case on FOX !! This show features the character SELINA KYLE, among others, in an interesting twist on the Super Hero theme...name the show AND Selina's "other persona" ??
SELINA KYLE is...CAT WOMAN...it's super heroes and villans "growing up" on Fox's "GOTHAM" !!!!
THU-09/25/14 Ahhhh..."THE PARDTRIDGE FAMILY" makes it's debut in 1970 based, as it turns out, on a real singing family who turned the opportunity to play themselves on the huge hit sit-com...can you name them ?? Come on...get happy !! Not so much, though, when Barbra, mother of THE COWSILLS, was not cast as herself in the show...hello Shirley Jones and all the rest including David Cassidy !!
FRI-09/19/14 New season for SNL debuting soon with a new "VOICE" for the dearly departed Don Pardo...although...he is anything but new to SNL ! In fact, he is the LONGEST SERVING CAST MEMBER IN THE SHW'S HISTORY. Can you name him ?? DARRELL HAMMOND RETURNS as the "voice" of SNL...14 years of service 1995-2009 !!


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