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Check this morning's Question Impossible
MON-04/21/14 All eyes on Boston today for the Marathon...and on race day in 1980, all eyes were on her as she finished 1st...but wait...not so fast...she tried pullin' a fast one !! She proved to be a fraud...name her... She took a bus ride most of the way...and ran the last 1/4 mile ! That's a NO-NO...ROSIE RUIZ !!


Happy Earth Day...Do you know the % of greenhouse gases in the U.S. that come courtesy of our homes @ cars ??

It stands at 50% and is part of the equation we CAN impact directly :)


Ahhh "The Bard"...William Shakespere would be blowing out 450 candles today on his B-Day cake...let's see if you know  what a JACK-A-NAPE is ??
Term coined by "The Bard" himself...a JACK-A-NAPE is a conceited person or a monkey ?? Yes it is....
THU-04/10/14 George Washington Carver is best known for rounding up more than 300 uses for what product ?? PEANUTS is today's solution  :)
FRI-04/11/14 So...put all the week's solutions together...CATHY, BLONDIE, B.C., AND PEANUTS...how do they CONNECT ?? Why, they're all COMIC STRIPS of course !!


P.J. Harrigan



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