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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


Check this morning's Question Impossible
MON-07/21/14 Famous First today...in 1973, "Soul Makossa" becomes the first record of THIS GENRE to chart on the "TOP 40"...name it ??? Let the DISCO ball spin...it was DISCO...Michael Jackson and Rihanna later using it as part of hit records for them...and cleared the way for Rick Dees' DISCO DUCK I'm sure  :)


Today in 1977, Declan Patrick McManus debuted his first album to what would be major success...tremendous acclaim...but we know him much better as ??
His Aim was most certainly True...he's ELVIS COSTELLO...


Given Sycamore is all about Classic Cars this weekend, car trivia here...The "GREMLIN" company, rebranded as "EAGLE" by Chrysler, also ended up going defunct...can you name it ??

Wow...you got it !! Well played...

A.M.C. is the correct answer...

THU-07/17/14 What kind of CANDY did Peter Paul sell under the brand name "YORK" beginning in 1972 ?? Have yourself a coooool, refreshing...PEPPERMINT PATTIE....
FRI-07/18/14 Put them all together and the four solutions share what ?? Generations have grown up with them...they're members of the PEANUTS gang !!!


KC Stevens



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