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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


Check this morning's Question Impossible

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the acknowledged guitar greats...E.C.

ERIC CLAPTON...whose nickname, by the way, is ???

That would be SLOWHAND !! Ironic don't you think given the way he shreds the fret board...


"The Matrix" hits theatres in 1995 to immense box office and critic/fan success chronicling the exploits of these 3 PROTAGINISTS...you remember their names ?? Of course you do...NEO, MORPHEUS, AND TRINITY!! Great fun, right ??
WED-03/25/15 Fashion faux pas or "historic" ?? BOTH ACTUALLY...Bjork hits the red carpet at the Oscars this night in '82 and makes fashion history that endures to this day..."stylishly" attired in the dress simply referred to as ?? Why...THE DEAD SWAN dress of course...I'm sure there's one hanging in your closet !!! ;)
THURS-3/26/15  How's your bracket sheet ?? Yeah...I thought so...SWEET 16 tonight, but it was 1979's Championship Game that  redefined the Tournament..and soon the NBA !! Michigan St. v. Indiana St. and TWO LEGENDARY STARS...name them ?? I got two words for ya...BIRD v. MAGIC !!!
FRI-03/27/15 This crime fighting technique makes it's 1ST APPEARANCE in a murder trial in 1905 London...what was it ?? The defendants were found GUILTY thanks to...FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE ! LlIFTED PRINTS OFF THE CASH BOX  ...


KC Stevens



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