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Weekday mornings at 7:30.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


Check this morning's Question Impossible
MON-12/15/14 Let's CONNECT THE DOTS this week on Q.I. 1st clue for FRIDAY'S SOLUTION...what destructive Lab. retriever is the subject of JOHN GROGAN'S 2005 memoir about "life and love with the world's worst dog" ??

Later made into a motion picture starring OWEN WILSON...really though, the star was MARLEY !!!        


Clue #2...what is THE SPOT on a DOMINOE or DICE called ?? It's known as a PIP...Good Luck tomorrow :)
WED-12/17/14 Today, we need to know who had an unlikely hit in 1968 with his ukulele cover of "TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS" ?? Move over uke man Vance Joy...it's, of course, the master....TINY TIM !!!
THU-12/18/14 We'll solve 4 the week tomorrow...He dated supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER...and also is the 1st living magician to garner a star on THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME...HIS NAME ??? He once made the Statue of Liberty disappear...yes he did...DAVID COPPERFIELD !!!
FRI-12/19/14 Sooooooooooooo....what is it that MARLEY, PIP, TINY TIM, AND DAVID COPPERFIELD all have in common ??? They, of course, are all characters sprung from the mind of the great CHARLES DICKENS. And as TINY TIM gave voice to..."GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE"...


P.J. Harrigan



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