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PLEASE HELP!! I'm Bane and I'm deaf. I don't think that is any big deal but some folks must because I'm having a hard time finding myself a home. I came to Tails after my owner abandoned me. I'm looking for a family that won't let that happen again! There are SO many reasons to adopt me. For starters, I already know some sign language. I'll "sit", "down", and "shake" to name a few things I know. I'm also house-trained and crate trained to sleep in my kennel when no one is home. I love other dogs! I've lived with them before and have interacted with them here at Tails. A big yard or someone who is active would be an excellent match for a big youngster like myself. I've become a favorite of staff and volunteers...now I need to be the favorite of some lucky adopter. Because of my size (72 lbs.), a home with older children would be best. P.S. I'll turn 2 in just a few weeks. I'd so much like to spend it in my very own home!

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P.J. Harrigan



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