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Hi, my name is Xena and I've been looking for a home for awhile with no luck. I sure do miss being in a home. I've lived with adult men, women, and children. I'm about 2 years old and have lots of energy! I hear people calling me an "exuberant" dog. I'm not sure what that means but I do get extremely excited with play, specifically games of chase and fetch. I could run after toys for hours! I am house trained and will bark when I need to go out, although a new routine takes some getting used to. I know "sit", "shake", "stay", "lay down", and "kisses" but would be willing to learn more! I do not like many of the dogs I've met so I will need to meet your dog, if you have one,  before we can go home together. I sure hope that's soon! P.S. You might have to ask to meet me as I am not in "main" dog area.

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