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Ball?  Did you say ball?  I'm Molly and if you like to toss a ball, or a stick, or a toy, or just about anything, then please come and adopt me.  I'm looking for a person who loves the ways of a retriever because retrieving is what I do best.  Oh, besides adoring the people I'm with, of course.  I do that best of all.  I do get a bit nervous at times.  I like to stay close to the person I feel safest with.  They don't know my background here at TAILS and mostly I forget myself, but for some reason some people can be a bit scary for me.  Because of that I'd prefer a calm, safe, steady home with people who treat me gently.  Children under 12 would be a bit much for me, I'm afraid. One thing I can guarantee....if you toss a few balls for me to fetch, I'll be your slave forever and ever! 

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