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Hi. I'm Kyle! I was homeless and living outside for who knows how long. I can't remember. Fortunately, someone found me and brought me to TAILS. It took me a little bit of time to come out of my shell and learn that people can be counted on. I'm really happy to be inside, well fed, warm and cared for. However, life would be even better if I had a home of my very own. I wouldn't mind a bit if I shared it with another cat. I'm a pretty even-keeled guy. I hope you don't overlook me as I might not rush out to greet you if you come to meet me. But if you sit down and give me a few minutes, I'll come and say hi and let you see how special I am!  I'm just over 1 year old, and I'm staying at the Petsmart in DeKalb.  You will recognize me by my stylish moustache!


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